Please join Pam for a memorable journey into the nearly lost art of bread making. Almost sixty years ago, Pam's grandmother introduced her to this fascinating process. Pam has kept the tradition going ever since, and has passed it on to her children, and she makes all the bread used in the B&B.
In addition to the class, you will enjoy a three course lunch with wine, while your bread is rising. Lunch will be interrupted to shape your bread, then we will return to have dessert as your bread goes through its second rising.
So... come learn, and just perhaps pass this fading art onto one of your own children. But most of all, enjoy the end product, hot from the oven - yours to take home so that you can truly impress your evening guests with your new found culinary skills!

DATES:        Monday - Friday
TIMES:        11:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.
COST:        $60.00 per person                Minimum 3 people - Maximum 5 people
Granddaughter Emma's first lesson!